Are Ranked Teams Locks vs Unranked Teams in Week 1?

With the introduction week of college football in full swing, so many individuals appear to help them cash in and are currently looking for guarantee bets. In soccer gambling typically, you wager on spreads rather than moneylines should they do or as the moneyline isn’t released by some book if there is a disparity between teams, the odds are astronomical and not worth the wager. On taking a seven or more eight-team spread parlays on teams that are ranked, I’m here to shed a tale.
There have been ranked teams in action and they have gone 5-0 SU and 4-1 ATS, with Florida, at home in the season’s opening game, failing to cover. In Week 1 of 2018, ranked teams travelled 20-5 SU and 12-13 ATS, however, four of these SU losses came in games where there were just two teams. The lone loss of a ranked team to a unranked team in Week 1 of last year came when No. 23 Texas dropped 34-29 at Maryland.
Out of the gate firing the teams that were ranked came in Week 1 of 2017, heading 13-12 ATS and 21-4 SU. Three of these came in games. This is not a typo, the lone defeat of a ranked team to an unranked team once again was No. 23 Texas dropping, this time in the home, 51-41 into Maryland again. The Longhorns are ranked No. 10 heading into this weekend’s matches as well as a 20.5-point favorite in the home over LA Tech, for your information.
The stats above are out of a SU perspective and if you are interested in an advantage in these matches that are nearer with two teams, the home team in those matchups are 5-2 SU and ATS.
Though the schools that are rated have dominated the unranked teams by a SU view the ATS document is a dead heat at 18-18. In 2018, home rated although the road rated teams went 3-1 ATS vs those schools out the top-25 teams went ATS against squads. A year prior the house ranked teams were 8-5 ATS vs unranked teams along with street rated squads were 2-4 ATS.
Thus, if you’re one of these people considering loading up a enormous spread parlay taking all the house ranked teams within unranked teams or just ranked vs unranked overall, be warned that within the previous two seasons half of those squads have failed to cover. That being said, maybe a Joe Osborne fatty moneyline parlay is the best solution for you.

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