Brighton ban fan for social media post after Man City game

A supporter has been excluded by brighton to get a discriminatory social networking post.
The Twitter article – that has been deleted – contained comments and has been created in one of Brighton’s fan-run websites’ account.
Having been made aware of the message and getting several complaints into the bar, Brighton are understood to have contacted the group on the day of the game, Saturday to possess the article taken down.
Brighton have taken stern action.
A team statement on Friday day read:”Brighton & Hove Albion have resisted a buff indefinitely after a social media article created in the aftermath of last weekend’s game in Manchester City.
“The exception follows a number of complaints from fans who found the post to be discriminatory.
“The club’s position about all sorts of discrimination is clear, it’s outlined in our club charter, and that we just will not tolerate any type of discrimination – in person, via social media or any other form.
“We have reported this event to Sussex Police, as have others, and so the club will make no further comment at this point.”

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