DeSean Jackson Ready To Face Redskins In Week 1

Jackson is currently 17th complete with 589 receptions and 15th using 53 touchdown catches since he came into the league in 2008 but he’s directed the NFL four times in yards per receptions, including last season with 18.9 for the Buccaneers at age 32. That’s more than every player in the background of the league as 1932, when the NFL began keeping figures.
Star quarterback Carson Wentz noticed how defenses don’t have any choice except to play deeper to get behind the secondary.
“(This) takes stress off the rest of the men,” Carson Wentz stated. “He will open up a lot of things under, we truly believe. … He just threatens defenders in another manner.”
The Way To Win The NFC East
(Courtesy of 5Dimes)
Philadelphia Eagles -140
Dallas Cowboys +138
New York Giants +1275
Washington Redskins +1650

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