ECA meeting set to decide European football format from 2024

The European Club Association have been set to meet to determine exactly what the future of soccer will look like from 2024.
UEFA had suggested a revamped Champions League arrangement with four teams of eight clubs, as opposed. That would imply 14 games to be played in the weekend.
Additionally, there are hints 24 of the 32 teams participating could be guaranteed places at the contest for the season, however well they performed .
However, the plans are met from fan classes, leagues and chief executives. Premier League clubs voiced their concerns this season.
It’s understood there are worries the changes would lead to overcrowded calendars, along with leagues having to alter several fixtures. There is also a sense merit-based eligibility is wanted by many to all contests.
Therefore, it’s thought the ECA will reconsider the proposals that were initial and any changes will be much less radical than anything envisaged.
??? More European games with a more competitive environment and higher grade at all levels
??? Greater stability
??? Links between the way that clubs function in national leagues and how they get European competitions

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