Ever Do DNC? You Can Bet On If Joe Rogan Will Moderate A 2020 Presidential Debate

When it’s commentating using the UFC, podcasting or Presidential Debates, it seems like everyone wants a part of Joe Rogan. With an online petition getting grip, oddsmakers have released a betting brace for Rogan’s potential involvement in the 2020 Presidential campaign.
Online sportsbook BetOnline has introduced a brand new gaming prop for if Joe Rogan will moderate a 2020 Presidential Debate with Yes coming from at +250 without a at -400.
Let us dive into why Rogan is being considered and the way this unfolded:
Usually, as soon as a Www.Change.Org petition link comes up on your respective social media timeline, it is something completely off the wall such as changing and reshooting the previous period of Game of Thrones or storming Area 51. This petition, while eccentric, doesn’t appear as far-fetched. It’s gained over 166,000 signatures in this writing.
Joe Rogan has been around from the public eye because the’90s with his appearances on tv shows like Newsradio and the wildly popular Fear Factor. Ever since then, he’s transitioned to becoming a prosperous colour commentator using the UFC, hosts a highly-downloaded podcast whilst continuing for a sought-after stand-up comedian.
Nevertheless, it’s his interviews with present political officials that have given this story legs. Over the past couple of??years, He’s brought Democrats (Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang) and Republicans (Candace Owens, Benjamin Shapiro) to his podcast studio in the Woodland Hills of Los Angeles for interviews. They’ve had??constructive discussions about a selection of topics such as political policy, gun control and/or aliens.
I am dubious that Rogan would be called upon by TV networks or political parties to actually mild a Presidential Debate however he appears to be??eloquent as a person of the people that appeals to either side of the political scam. If I had to wager this brace, I would go with no at -400. But, crazier things have happened before about the political path (cough, cough…Trump) and to quote Dave Chappelle,”Oh Joe Rogan, you so crazy!”

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