Guys & Bets (Episode 150): Football Friday with 8 Picks from College and NFL, Plus Harry and Pamela!

Welcome to a Football Friday Incident of Bets & Guys!

Harry Gagnon, Kris Abbott, joe Osborne and Pamela Maldonado break their bets of the NFL from Week 1 and Week 2 of college football down!
Up first, Joe take a peek in the season opener of the cherished Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins host the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday and Joe has a team total select.
Kris contains another team complete for you and has a look in the school football landscape as he breaks the Cincinnati Bearcats seeing the Ohio State Buckeyes.
Switching back into the NFL, Joe has a breakdown of the full-game complete since the Arizona Cardinals host the Detroit Lions at a matchup of NFC teams that are underwhelming.
Florida Atlantic hosts the Central Florida Knights on Saturday evening and Kris is completely in love with a negative .
Joe’s final NFL pick comes from the Week 1 Sunday nighter since the New England Patriots entertain the Pittsburgh Steelers and that he has a spread bet here.
Harry Gagnon from the Against All Odds podcast pops into cover the LSU Tigers seeing with the Texas Longhorns however, he has a drama on the total here.
Pamela Maldonado wraps back items in the NFL with a spread-bet recommendation because the Jacksonville Jaguars host the high-octane Kansas City Chiefs.
You should really be joining us live every weekday as the show wraps up with a Q&A session for our viewers, so if there’s anything you’ve always wanted to ask!

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