How to Bet the WWE Elimination Chamber

Among the most frequently asked questions that I get from non-degenerates is,”You can bet on the WWE?!?!” The solution is always an emphatic Daniel Bryan-like YES! YES! YES! Whenever you make a course over the dinner table with family which you have a Carmella-Miz parlay, it has a tendency to turn heads.
I’ve been watching pro wrestling since the early 1980s, when NWA wrestling and Atlanta Braves baseball were a Saturday showcase on the Superstation WTBS. I was always more entertained by the athleticism of Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, and Ric Flair than that I had been over cartoon characters like Kamala, Yokozuna, along with the Ding Dongs.
When betting on such lunacy, its important to remember that there’s a script and timing is everything. I run through my DVR of RAW and Smackdown shows each month to keep up, as the WWE often likes to build storylines prefacing a swerve.
There are particular pay-per-views that are built for faces (good guys) like Wrestlemaniaothers which are space fillers which may have a ton of disqualification and count-outs (Backlash), and a few who have large pools of wrestlers trying to acquire one occasion (Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank). Wagering on WWE is only about anticipating the script and grabbing the right wrestler at the right moment. Limits are reduced, and traces proceed at an insane pace. A $50 bet could ship a +500 underdog to +150. And if this underdog was really scripted to win, he/she would shut at -9999.

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