Olympics Sign Agreement With Genius Sports To Track 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Betting Odds

What Is covered in the Olympics-SportIM deal?

According to a press release on the deal,”all of sports contests covered from the IOC’s Integrity Betting Intelligence System (IBIS), including the events in the Olympic Games and also a range of competitions organised by International Federations are implied in the agreement.”
IBIS already allegedly worked with a large swath of sportsbooks and labs, but the deal with SportIM should give the IOC even greater insight into sports betting markets.
IOC’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer P??querette Girard said this on the SportIM deal:
“In 2013we launched our Intelligence Betting Integrity System to collate alerts and information on game manipulation and, ever since, we have further optimised the mechanism. We’ve identified accountable organisations which could assist our global effort to avoid corruption and so are thrilled about our new venture with Genius Sports.
“They’ll offer added value by making accessible their expert skills, knowledge and technical experience throughout the Olympic Games and other major sporting contests organised by the IFs.”
And Professional Sports CEO Mark Locke:
“We are very happy to partner with the IOC at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and beyond. The Olympic Games represent the pinnacle of world game and are the best platform to showcase the values of friendship, excellence and respect upon which game is built. We look forward to sharing our expertise and intelligence to help preventing game manipulation as a way to further safeguard the integrity of the major and extraordinary competitions”
First Utilized in 2014 for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, IBIS found no betting irregularity in the time, according to the IOC.
Of course, gambling on the Winter Games is far out-paced by summer olympics gambling. That has more high-profile sports.

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