Patriots Center David Andrews Was Hospitalized With Blood Clot


The Patriots signed Andrews in 2015, and he has started nine playoff matches and 57 year games over four years in the league. Andrews has been the center for the Patriots at the three Super Bowls, winning 2 of these.
The 27-year-old was named a group and he started every regular season game and all three playoff games last year.
Ted Karras will substitute Andrews in the centre and James Ferentz is expected to be his copy. By hosting the Steelers on September 13, their title defense opens. New England is a 6-point favored for this Sunday Night Football match.
Best Regular Season Record
(Courtesy of 5Dimes)
New England Patriots +600
Kansas City Chiefs +800
Los Angeles Rams +900
New Orleans Saints +900
Philadelphia Eagles +1000
Indianapolis Colts +1000
Los Angeles Chargers +1400
Cleveland Browns +1800
Chicago Bears +2000
Pittsburgh Steelers +2200
Minnesota Vikings +2500
Dallas Cowboys +2500
Green Bay Packers +2500
Seattle Seahawks +2800
Houston Texans +3300
Atlanta Falcons +3300
Baltimore Ravens +3300
San Francisco 49ers +4000
New York Jets +6000
Jacksonville Jaguars +7000
Buffalo Bills +8000
Carolina Panthers +8000
Denver Broncos +10000
Tennessee Titans +10000
Oakland Raiders +15000
Detroit Lions +15000
Washington Redskins +20000
New York Giants +20000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +20000
Arizona Cardinals +30000
Miami Dolphins +30000
Cincinnati Bengals +30000

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