People Are Making Tons of Money Betting on (Fake) Pro Wrestling

John Cena, a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, rapper, and actor associated with the WWE. Photo via Shutterstock
Professional wrestling is fake. Sad, but true. Hulk Hogan didn’t grow 24-inch biceps by taking vitamins, and Andre the Giant was not a truly 500-pound giant. Irrespective of the fixed nature of the sport, between January and April each year, known as”The Road to WrestleMania,” tens of thousands of wrestling fans sacrifice their hard-earned dollars and place online bets on fixed WWE pay-per-view matches. Sure, gambling happens year round, but during these four weeks, the action is hot on a”sport” as predetermined as an Arnold Rothstein poker match.
Several online sports publications, such as 5Dimes and Bodog, have been accepting bets on pro wrestling for decades, and recently pro wrestling insiders have begun to notice an unsettling fashion. You see, unlike boxing or MMA, the odds for pro wrestling games (favorites . underdogs), reverse in such a manner that pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, that has been covering the company for nearly 30 years, is convinced insiders are pulling the strings. “If you are smart and you know people,” says Meltzer,”you can earn money because you’ll know what the outcomes are.”
By way of example, during the WWE’s”Tables, Ladders, and Chairs” pay-per-view last December, only hours before the main event between John Cena and Randy Orton, something strange occurred. John Cena, the WWE’s biggest star and the”good guy” was a clear favorite going into the show. But just hours before the game, Randy Orton, the”bad guy,” shifted into a 750-point favorite. In the actual world, this kind of motion on the lines will never happen without among the opponents breaking a leg, literally.
“Smart cash,” which is gambling with insider understanding of the results, altered the equilibrium in Orton’s favor. And the specialists, including watchdog sites like WWE Leaks, all appear to believe that WWE workers, or additives inside the business, are responsible for the change in the odds. Does”smart money” control the odds on the many online sports books, it also makes for a shitty experience of seeing a series where the script has leaked every single time.
It really took the WWE them almost six months to realize, via a Deadspin post that raised a few eyebrows last year, their narrative outcomes were being leaked. Nobody knows for certain who’s responsible, but a mysterious Reddit consumer, who the WWE referred to as a”modern day Nostradamus,” seems to have a fantastic idea. Going by the nonsensical alias Dolphins1925, the account has been able to forecast the results of each WWE pay-per-view match since February of last year with near 100% accuracy.
According to Dolphins1925, who even went up to posting his own manifesto to warrant his spoilers, someone inside the WWE is leaking the results directly to him through a connection. His results are posted in Reddit Squared Circle Prediction Series. Meltzer, who claims to have a fantastic idea who Dolphins1925 really is, seems confident that the Reddit user is the real thing. “He has a relationship,” says Meltzer, who also tells VICE the WWE would fire the leaker, presuming they find the mole.
But that is just it–that the WWE does not seem to care about game outcomes being leaked. No action has been taken, publicly that is, and when asked for a comment, the WWE refused to admit that the issue with any seriousness.

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