Did The Interview Make Money?

Is the movie the interview based on a true story?

The Interview is a 2014 American political satire action black comedy film co-produced and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg in their second directorial work, following This Is the End (2013).

The screenplay was written by Dan Sterling, based on a story he co-wrote with Rogen and Goldberg..

Why did the movie The Interview get canceled?

The New York premiere of The Interview, a comedy about the assassination of North Korea’s president, has been cancelled amid threats from hackers. Hackers targeting Sony Pictures had threatened to attack US cinemas showing the studio’s film. …

What countries is the interview banned in?

“The Interview” The 2014 Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy in which they play journalists who attempt to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been banned in Russia.

Was the interview filmed in North Korea?

Much of The Interview was made on a soundstage at Bridge Studios in Burnaby, B.C. but downtown Vancouver was used for the film’s New York City scenes and the surrounding mountains doubled as both China and North Korea.

How much did Netflix pay for the interview?

And here’s what The Interview cost: $44 million production budget (based on leaked info; Sony insiders claim to THR the figure was closer to $40 million) $30+ million marketing budget (Sony insiders claim the figure was closer to $20 million, but others dispute that)

Is the interview a good movie?

It is a great effort from both Rogen and Franco, and I recommend this film to everyone who can actually take a joke AND has a sense of humor, especially those who likes the type of humor Rogen has been featuring these past years.

How long is the interview movie?

1h 52mThe Interview/Running time

What is the movie the interview about?

Dave Skylark (James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) are the team behind the popular tabloid-TV show “Skylark Tonight.” After learning that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un (Randall Park) is a huge fan of the show, they successfully set up an interview with him, hoping to legitimize themselves as actual journalists. However, as Dave and Aaron prepare for their journey to Pyongyang, the CIA steps in, recruits them, and assigns them an incredible mission: Assassinate the dictator.The Interview/Film synopsis

Was the interview a flop?

And once people saw it, they wondered how anyone could possibly take the movie as a serious threat of war. Sony lost quite a bit of money on The Interview. It only pulled in $6.1 million in the states, taking another $5.2 million overseas for a weak worldwide total of just $11.3 million.

What was the controversy over the movie the interview?

North Korea has condemned US President Barack Obama over the release of the film The Interview, about a fictional plot to kill its leader Kim Jong-un. The National Defence Commission (NDC) also accused the US of shutting down North Korea’s internet – and described Mr Obama as “reckless” and “a monkey”.

Where was the interview filmed?

VancouveritesNot only was The Interview created by Vancouverites, it was also entirely filmed here in Vancouver on a $44-million production budget using Canadian talent from October to December 2013.

Was Katy Perry in the interview?

‘The Interview’ Trailer: Katy Perry Brings James Franco and Kim Jong-un Together.