Is Curry An All Time Great?

Is Curry one of the best ever?

A three-time NBA champion and the first player to be voted unanimous MVP, Steph Curry was ranked by ESPN as the 13th-best player in league history.

ESPN, continuing with its Top 74 series, released No..

Who is better Kyrie or curry?

The statistics can clearly show you, who’s better between the two players. Curry has better shooting skills because his shooting percentage is higher than Kyrie Irving’s. … Even though Irving managed to outshine Curry in one of the NBA championships finals, Curry has better records and stats than Irving.

What position was Michael Jordan?

OutfielderSmall forwardShooting guardMichael Jordan/Position

Where is Steph Curry all time?

ESPN’s panel voted Curry as the No. 13 player in NBA history, one spot ahead of former Warriors forward Kevin Durant and 18 spots ahead of Hall of Fame Detroit Pistons point guard Isiah Thomas.

Is Curry better than Kobe?

Kobe was a phenomenal player and a cultural icon. He scored a mountain of points, but he didn’t impact winning to the same degree Curry does. Over the course of Curry’s career, the Warriors’ net rating is a whopping 11.5 points better when he’s on the floor: 8.92 to minus-2.58.

Who is the best 3 point shooter?

Best NBA 3-Point Shooters of All-TimeSteph Curry.Ray Allen.Steve Kerr.Reggie Miller.Klay Thompson.Larry Bird.Kyle Korver.Jason Terry.

Who are the top 5 point guards of all time?

Top 50 Point Guards of All-Time: Magic, The Big O and Curry top the ListMagic Johnson.Oscar Robertson.Stephen Curry.Isaiah Thomas.John Stockton.Steve Nash.Bob Cousey.Jason Kidd.More items…•

Who is the best SG in NBA history?

Michael JordanThe Top 50 Shooting Guards of All-Time: MJ and Kobe Lead the PackRankPlayerFG%1Michael Jordan49.72Kobe Bryant44.73Jerry West47.44Dwyane Wade4813 more rows•Jul 16, 2020

What did Steph Curry say about Kobe Bryant?

“They panned to [Bryant] on the bench watching,” Curry recalled in a phone interview Tuesday. “He mouthed to whoever was sitting next to him, ‘Yo, he’s nice. ‘ I saw that clip afterward, and I cracked a big smile knowing Kobe was impressed with what I was doing on the court as a rookie.

Who is better Kobe or LeBron?

The Bottom Line: While LeBron is much more of a team player than Kobe, and is more dominant and holds better stats, Kobe was a more versatile and complete player, a virtuoso with amazing skills and defense abilities.

Who is better Steph Curry or Michael Jordan?

Steph Curry’s effective field goal percentage is better than James and Jordan. As per NBA stats, Steph Curry’s effective field goal percentage (eFG) is better than Jordan, James and Durant. … He averaged 26.5 points, 6.3 assists and 5.4 rebounds per game while shooting 40.1 percent from the three-point range.

Is Curry top 10 all time?

Curry already is the best player under 6-foot-3 in NBA history. He passed Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, Isiah Thomas and Jerry West during his meteoric rise to the top of the game. He’s already, according to my very scientific list, a top 20 all-time player. But the top 10 is rarified air.

Is Curry the best point guard of all time?

Stephen Curry has always been an excellent shooter, and you could argue he is the best the game has ever seen. His career averages of 23.5 points and 6.6 assists per game, and his 43.5% 3-point shooting, are all worthy of the Hall of Fame. Curry averaged a career-best 30.1 ppg during his MVP season of 2015-16.

Who is better James Harden or Steph Curry?

Harden will get more assists from driving and kicking or throwing lobs to Capela, but Curry has clearly shown to have the better court vision of the two. Curry also doesn’t have the luxury of playing in a system where he can regularly ball-stop and handle the ball the entire shot clock like Harden does.

Who is better Steph Curry or Kevin Durant?

Despite the size differences, Durant and Curry are averaging very similar numbers. For the season, Curry is averaging 29.3 points and 5.7 assists per game, while Kevin is putting up 29.0 points and 6.2 assists a night. … Steph is a much better 3-point shooter, shooting almost 13 percent better from deep than KD.