Question: Do Nurses Use Quadratic Equations?

What professions use quadratic equations?

Careers That Use Quadratic EquationsMilitary and Law Enforcement.

Quadratic equations are often used to describe the motion of objects that fly through the air.


Engineers of all sorts use these equations.


Management and Clerical Work.


How do nurses use math in their career?

Nurses administer medications and each dosage much be customized to the patient. Math formulas are used to determine how much to administer by IV drip, injection or other methods. Nurses use math to make sure the medication amount is appropriate and that patients do not receive too little or too much.

How are percentages used in nursing?

Application to Nursing: Percentages are useful as they can give significance to a number. They can also be useful when making comparisons. Many medical research articles state their findings as percentages of the total number of people investigated.

Can I be a nurse if im bad at math?

Hi! Let me answer first, yes, you CAN become a nurse being terrible at math. However, you need to be able to pass you basic math classes to get into the nursing program. … Math is necessary, basic algebra as others have said, for medication calculations and some other calculations, depending upon your clinical setting.

Are nurses intelligent?

Nurses are less intelligent and less skilled than doctors. This simply isn’t true. … Many nurses even complete advanced education, furthering their degrees through graduate and post-graduate work. Your nurse is just as intelligent and just as competent as your physician.

What type of math do nurses use?

Nurses routinely use addition, fractions, ratios and algebraic equations each workday to deliver the right amount of medication to their patients or monitor changes in their health. Nursing schools often test new students on their mathematical prowess, requiring a remedial course in medical math if necessary.