Question: What Does Clock Mean In Slang?

What does clock in and out mean?

To clock in is to record your time of arrival at work, usually by punching a time clock; to begin work.

To clock out is to record your time of departure from work; to end work..

What does Tim mean in slang?

Time Is MoneyTIM means “Time Is Money”. The abbreviation TIM is used with the meaning “Time Is Money” as a way of saying that time is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted. TIM is typically used to end a message and indicates that the sender will return to work after the conversation.

What does Glock mean?

The Glock is a series of polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Austrian manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H.

What are the 4 types of plot?

Another theory which you might have learned in school says there are four types of plots….Finally, here’s a list of all the plot types referred to in Mark Nichol’s article:Overcoming the Monster.Rags to Riches.Voyage and Return.Comedy.Tragedy.Rebirth.Person versus higher power/fate.Person versus self.More items…•

What does it mean to clock someone in the face?

> “To clock someone” seems to have a meaning “to recognize someone, > or something about them”. It can also mean “to smash someone in the face”.

What does clocked up mean?

to gain or reachchiefly British. : to gain or reach (a particular number or amount) Our company clocked up a record number of sales this year.

Who discovered the time?

The measurement of time began with the invention of sundials in ancient Egypt some time prior to 1500 B.C. However, the time the Egyptians measured was not the same as the time today’s clocks measure. For the Egyptians, and indeed for a further three millennia, the basic unit of time was the period of daylight.

What does clocked mean?

But for those of us in the trans world, the term “clocked” is used to reflect that someone transgender has been recognized as trans, usually when that person is trying to blend in with cisgender people, and not intending to be seen as anything other than the gender they present.

What does to clock someone mean?

To clock someone or something means to see or notice them/it.

What is an example of a plot?

Examples of Plot: 1. In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth and her sisters are young, unmarried, poor women in England. An eligible bachelor moves into the neighborhood and falls for Elizabeth’s sister Jane.

What is basic plot?

In a literary work, film, story or other narrative, the plot is the sequence of events where each affects the next one through the principle of cause-and-effect. The causal events of a plot can be thought of as a series of events linked by the connector “and so”.

What is Clock slang for?

Boxing fans have long been heard uttering phrases like “He really cleaned his clock,” or “Wow, did he get clocked!” The Word Detective website says “clock” has been slang for the human face since the mid-19th century. … Another word is “read,” as in “She read me,” or “I got read as trans.”

What does clock out mean slang?

someone who is zonked from drugs or drink or simply just doesn’t have a clue. She sure was clocked out last night. During the school play she couldn’t remember her lines no matter how much she was prompted. See more words with the same meaning: under the influence of alcohol, drunk.

What does Glookin mean?

good looking good lookingglookin. has the following definition + add your definition. good looking. good looking is used in Slang Classifieds. The word glookin is used in Slang, Classifieds meaning good looking.

Why do cops use Glocks?

The Glock’s large capacity and light body gave it advantages over other guns. “Police departments were amazed when they took their officers out to the range and found out not only could they learn to use the Glock pretty quickly, but the Glock also made them more accurate as marksmen,” he says.

What does plot mean?

A plot is a literary term for the main events in a story. It’s also known as the storyline. The plot is created by the story’s author, who arranges actions in a meaningful way to shape the story. This means that not all stories are told in chronological order.

What does punched out mean?

punched out; punching out; punches out. Definition of punch out (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to record the time of one’s stopping work or departure by punching a time clock.

Why is Glock 25 illegal?

The Glock 25 was introduced in Germany in 1995. It is a semi-automatic handgun created for South American civilians for defense because they could not legally carry military caliber weapons. … 380 caliber bullet, making it legal to use in South America and, ironically, illegal to import to civilians in the United States.