Question: What Does The 9 Of Spades Represent?

What does a 9 of clubs mean?

Adventurer’s CardThe 9 of Club is known as the “Adventurer’s Card”.

They like to gamble and are always willing to take a chance.

They are intensely curious and when they apply their adventurous spirit to the field of knowledge, they are capable of making profound discoveries that benefit others on a universal scale..

What does 8 of spades mean?

Power in WorkEight of Spades. Spades – Wisdom – Labor – Acceptance. Eight of Spade Meaning: Power in Work.

What does Queen of Diamonds mean?

Queen of Diamond Meaning: Domination in the Realm of Values.

What does the king of hearts mean in tarot?

Kings are usually the most sympathetic and understanding people. … They know subconsciously that power depends upon cooperation, and whatever life they lead, their best work is done in partnership. They always have a sense of authority, but it seldom leads to domination.

What does 7 of spades mean?

Seven of Spade Meaning: Wisdom and Self Mastery. Karma for the 7 of Spade: Material Discontent. The 7 of Spade are friendly people and quick thinkers. Illness may come through worry over business – or the stress that stems from a frustrated desire to live beyond their means.

What does the 6 of spades represent?

Six of Spade people appreciate beauty and enjoy mentally stimulating conversations. They may seem hard and unfeeling about life and death, but intuitively, they know that there is no death, only Eternal Life. This is the card of overcoming.

What is the meaning of the king of spades?

King of Spades is a Crown authority of Wisdom and Mastery. They are born on the first day of the year, the top card in the deck. King of Spades represents the ultimate spiritual energy and wisdom. The recognition of this highest potential and directing their powers into constructive expression can be the toughest call.

What does 9 hearts mean?

wish for money and the wish for loveMeaning of the 9 of Hearts This has been called the “Wish Card”; for all 9 of Hearts, there is an intimate connection between the wish for money and the wish for love. Money may come, or love may come, but the two never seem to work together for any length of time.

What does 3 of diamonds mean?

At the one end of the spectrum of possibilities, the Three of Diamonds indicate a bright, creative personality. … On the other – they are often confused and worrisome. They are always trying to gain the whole world, suppressing their fear to jeopardize their soul in the process.

What does 5 of spades mean?

Motion and Change KarmaFive of Spade Meaning: Motion and Change. Karma for the 5 of Spade: Spiritual Discontent. 5 of Spade people project an aura of dependability and inner strength. Their heart centre is open and ready for business.