Question: Who Is IAS Deepak Rawat?

Who is the SDM of Nainital?

District Level OfficesOffice NamePhone Number(O)Phone Number (R)S.D.M.

(Nainital)235688235131S.D.M.(Haldwani)220458221831S.D.M.(Ramnagar)252437225560S.D.M.(Kosiya Kutauli)245766–59 more rows.

Who is powerful DM or IAS?

The job profile of both IAS and IPS services is very broad and both are posted on powerful posts, but IAS is much more powerful as a DM. An IPS has only the responsibility of its department, but an IAS (DM) has the responsibility of all the departments of the district.

How many IAS are in India?

6,500IAS, IPS and IFoS officers are allocated cadre which is either state, a group of state or/and union territories. The total authorised strength of IAS officers is 6,500 as on January 1, 2019 and the CDR is 1,381.

Which state has highest IAS officer?

This article gives you an idea about which state produces the most IAS officers in India….Home States of IAS Officers in India.Home StateNo. of IAS Officers in service in IndiaUttar Pradesh717Bihar452Rajasthan322Tamil Nadu31829 more rows

Who is DM Deepak Rawat?

Deepak Rawat is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer who is very popular on various social media platforms for his socio-welfare initiatives.

Is DM and IAS same?

The District Collector is the highest Officer of Revenue administration in the district. … A district magistrate, often abbreviated to DM, is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer who is the senior-most executive magistrate and chief in charge of the general administration of a district in India.

Who is IAS officer of Uttarakhand?

Rakesh Sharma (civil servant)Rakesh Sharma Politician, Social Worker, Former IAS OfficerBorn11 October 1955 New Delhi1 more row

Who is more powerful IAS or judge?

Judicial officers enjoy power throughout their life but an IAS officer remains D.M. for a limited number of years. If any person thinking of joining civil services looking at the prestige of a D.M. … On the other hand, a judge always remains a judge and his power continuously increases.

Who is bigger DM or ADM?

The Additional District Magistrate enjoys the same powers as that of District Officer under the rules. ADM is second top administrative officer lead by district magistrate. He performs various managerial level tasks under the supervision of DM.

Who is more powerful district?

But now the main thing, The district judge or Principal District Judge is more more Superior and powerful than District Collector or District Magistrate. We can say Principal District Judge can be ranked as Super Class-1 with Level 13–14(Wildly Round about).

How do I contact DM Deepat Rawat?

Deepak Rawat on Twitter: “Call me on 9458977777 in any emergency . SMS your name and address if I don’t pick , I’ll call back .”

Is Deepak Rawat married?

He met his future wife Vijeta Singh in Delhi; when he was studying in Hansraj College. Soon, they fell in love and got married to each other. They went on to have a daughter named Dirisha and a son Divyansh.

What is a DM in India?

A District Magistrate and Collector, is an officer who is in-charge of a district, the basic unit of administration, in India. They are also known as District Collector or Deputy Commissioner in several Indian states. In general parlance, he is referred to by the abbreviation DM or DC.

Who is IAS of Haridwar?

District AdministrationNameDesignationEmailMr. C.Ravishankar (IAS)District Magistratedm-har-ua[at]nic[dot]inMr. SENTHIL AVOODAI K RAJ S (IPS)Senior Superintendent of Policessp-har-ua[at]nic[dot]inMr. Vineet Tomar (IAS)Chief Development Officercdo-har-ua[at]nic[dot]inMr Bhagwat Kishore MishraADM(Admin)1 more row

What is the highest post of IAS?

Chief SecretaryChief Secretary is the highest post in IAS. The highest post in the State is that of the Chief Secretary. At the top of the hierarchy of IAS officers is the Cabinet Secretary in the union government.

Do all IAS become DM?

On an average, the DM posting is given to the IAS Officer for 4 to 5 years only in the whole career as an IAS Officer. Some IAS officers never get an opportunity to become a DM at their career. … A DM is only a coordinating officer for all the state government departments.

Who is youngest IAS officer?

Take a look at the five youngest IAS officers in India:Ansar Ahmad Shaikh – Ansar Ahmad Shaikh is a genius who cracked Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) CSE exam at the age of 21 years with an (All India Rank) AIR of 361. … Tina Dabi – … Roman Saini – … Amrutesh Aurangabadkar – … Pradeep Singh –