Question: Why Do A No Comment Interview?

What happens if you don’t go to a voluntary police interview?

What happens if you decide not to attend as a volunteer.

You face a real risk of being arrested at the worst possible time.

There is no guarantee of legal advice when you ask for it.

There is a risk that the police could withhold communication from you and/or deny you access to legal advice..

Why do police ask for voluntary interviews?

If the police decide they want to speak to a suspect without arresting them, they will be invited for a voluntary interview. … A voluntary interview is often used by the police in the investigation of historical allegations of offences including sexual assault and rape.

Do I have to attend a voluntary interview?

Yes. Just because the police decide to interview you under caution as a volunteer does not mean that it is any less serious than if you were arrested and interviewed. Remember you are entitled to free and confidential legal advice.

Do you have the right to remain silent in England?

In England and Wales, the right of suspects to refuse to answer questions during their actual trial (the “right to silence”, or the right to remain silent as it is now known) was well established at common law from the 17th century.

What is a significant comment?

34. A significant statement is one which appears capable of being used in evidence against the suspect (e.g. an unsolicited comment relevant to the offence, such as an admission of guilt).

What happens after a police interview?

What happens after the interview? You will be fingerprinted and possibly be asked whether you will supply DNA. They will then take you to the watchhouse if you are being bailed and a different officer will ask you some questions about whether you have a complaint to make. They will then release you.