Quick Answer: Can I Wear A Sports Bra To MEPS?

What should you not wear to MEPS?

A few general tips and rules for MEPS: Wear conservative, comfortable clothing.

No offensive writing on t-shirts, no sagging pants, no open-toed shoes, tank tops, halter tops, bare midriffs.

Hats are not to be worn inside the MEPS building, so it’s easier to not bring one at all..

Can you wear makeup to MEPS?

Most likely not. Uniform regulations want make up worn to the bare minimum and usually that meant less than what the average woman wears. They want us all to look as natural as possible, mostly to look for possible skin conditions, etc. that might be covered up by makeup.

Can females wear boxers to MEPS?

Applicants must wear modest undergarments as there are times during the medical examination when only undergarments are worn. Thongs, G-strings, or any type of spandex or compression shorts are not authorized for males or females. Boxers and briefs are not to extend past the mid-thigh.

Is it bad to just wear a sports bra?

Keeping them on won’t make your breasts perkier, either (you can’t cheat gravity and age). As long as your sports bra is dry and it doesn’t dig into your skin, wearing it for a long period of time shouldn’t cause you harm.

Can I wear jeans to MEPS?

Dress neatly – clothes should be clean with no rips, tears or holes. Wear a collared shirt – button down or polo shirts are acceptable. Females are allowed to wear a nice blouse. Avoid jeans.

Do sports bras flatten your chest?

Sports bras used to be all about compression. … If your most comfortable sports bra does compress or flatten your chest, or you like this minimising effect. No problem it is only cosmetic and there are no long term consequences with wearing this bra style.

Is it better to wear a sports bra or a regular bra?

Both sports bras and regular, everyday bras should offer you superb fit and comfort. However, a bra for sports really focuses on minimizing the pain caused by breast movement during physical activity. … Sports bras are specifically designed to wear when exercising.

Can I leave the hotel at MEPS?

The rules are simple that night. Don’t leave the hotel, be in your room by 10, don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t cause trouble. You will be given a room key and be told to sit in a designated area with other recruits and wait for a briefing prior to getting to go to your room.

Do you go to MEPS twice?

A MEPS, or Military Entrance Processing Station, is the place where you’re screened to serve in any branch of the armed forces. … Depending on your enlistment process, you may visit the MEPS once or twice. Those who visit only one time typically stay for two days and proceed directly to basic training afterward.

Do sports bras affect breast shape?

“A bra will hold up your breasts to give you the shape and look you want, but it can’t prevent further sagging, which is caused by age and gravity,” says Dr. … So sports bras do help in that department.

What do they check at MEPS for females?

Medical Evaluation at MEPS Females will be tested for pregnancy. Your blood will be tested for HIV, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, RPR, and alcohol. There are also two different urine tests; one is the legal drug urine and the other tests for pH, blood, protein and specific gravity.

Should I shave before MEPS?

Nope. It is just like the first time you ever went to MEPS. You do not have to shave, have a hair cut etc. You simply have to show up, follow their little checklist of what not to bring and/or do and follow orders.

Can you go to MEPS while on your period?

You can go on your period but it may affect your urine test. Not drugs but protein so drink lots of water. Just the doctor and a medical tech will see you naked, other applicants will see you in underwear.

Can I bring my laptop to MEPS hotel?

Bring your phone and headphones, don’t bring a laptop or tablet or anything crazy. You’ll probably have to be up very early in the morning, so you’ll want to go to bed early that night. Don’t violate curfew, don’t drink that night.

What can MEPS disqualify you for?

The choice is yours.Abdominal Organs and Gastrointestinal System. The following conditions may disqualify you for military service: … Blood and blood-forming tissue diseases. … Dental. … Ears. … Hearing. … Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders. … Upper extremities. … Lower extremities.More items…