Quick Answer: How Many Texts Are Sent Per Day?

Who invented texting?

Matti MakkonenWhile the first text message was sent Dec.

3, 1992, Finnish engineer Matti Makkonen first conceived of the idea eight years earlier.

He rarely conducts interviews, but the BBC was able to ask him questions using SMS, which made for an interesting style for an interview..

Is texting daily clingy?

Nope. As long as it isn’t every minute, although every individual, male or female, has a different preference for how much they like to text. That you like to text daily doesn’t make you clingy. Sending four or five messages or getting hissy if the other person doesn’t respond right away?

How many texts do Millennials send a day?

Young Americans send almost ten times as many texts as Americans over 55. According to Experian, U.S. smartphone owners aged 18 to 24 send 2,022 texts per month on average — 67 texts on a daily basis — and receive another 1,831. That’s nearly double their slightly older peers, smartphone users aged 25 to 34.

How many texts are sent per day in the UK?

217 million textUK phone users send 217 million text per day, says study. Britons are sending an average of 60 million more text messages per day from their mobile phones than they did this time last year, according to the latest industry figures.

How quickly are text messages read?

The fact is that 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent, with the average response time for a text being a mere 90 seconds. This comes to show that if you’re not getting the response you’re waiting for, either the person you’ve texted hasn’t yet seen your message or is purposefully avoiding you.

How long is the average text message?

Around 7 WordsThe Average Text Message Length Is Around 7 Words.

What percentage of text messages are read?

People actually read text messages. In fact, more than 90 percent of people read a text message within the first three minutes of receiving it, according to MobileSQUARED, a mobile research firm.

Is there a way to see how many texts you’ve sent someone?

TextCounter displays how many texts you’ve sent and received in the Messages app. TextCounter is a new jailbreak tweak that can help put into perspective just how much you’re texting people. … The monthly amount lets you see how many texts you’ve sent and received in the last month.

What is the texting capital of the world?

the PhilippinesDue to the large volume of text messages sent throughout the country, the Philippines has earned its nickname as the “text capital of the world.” 3.

How many texts are sent per second?

The total number of text messages that will be sent this year is predicted to reach 1.6 trillion, or about 200,000 every second.

How many text messages are sent a day in the US?

6 billion SMS messagesAccording to the Pew Research Center, 81% of Americans text regularly and 97% of adults text weekly. According to CTIA, 6 billion SMS messages are sent each day in the US, over 180 billion are sent each month, and 2.27 trillion are sent each year.

How many texts are too many?

However, the range between eight hundred to one thousand messages can be termed as many. Other situations may arise in the case of arguments or a topic under heated discussion. There may be a situation where several people are communicating at once, and they tend to send text messages to anyone they know well.

Which country texts the most?

The country with the highest percentage of mobile users is Russia where 89% of the population sends and receives text messages. 4. China and India have the most people who send sms messages — China comes first with 1,081 million people and India second with 730 million. 5.

How many texts does the average teenager send a Day 2020?

18-24 year olds send or receive an average of 109.5 text messages per day—that works out to more than 3,200 messages per month. The median 18-24 year old texter sends or receives 50 texts per day (or around 1,500 messages per month).

How many texts do you get a month?

180 billion textsOver 180 billion texts are sent every month. (CTIA) (Tweet this!) 14. 2.27 trillion texts are sent every year.

Can texting too much ruin a relationship?

Apparently texting too much, or texting about the wrong things, can undermine your relationship. Time reports that researchers at Brigham Young University examined the texting habits of 276 adults ages 18 to 25, all of whom were either in serious relationships, engaged, or married.

Is it OK to text her everyday?

Texting her every day is a waste of your time and attention that could go to someone else, maybe even “the one.” Don’t have to stop being her friend. Just go out and meet new people, and text her only when necessary.

Is it OK to not talk to your boyfriend everyday?

It is every normal for you and your boyfriend to not talk everyday and you need to understand that it is how relationships work. … If you want to talk to him then you can talk to him. It won’t work if you don’t know what you want to talk about.