Quick Answer: What Can You Do With Old Notebooks?

What do you do with old schoolwork?

What to do with old papers from schoolToss anything you won’t need again.

Be ruthless here.

Toss all duplicates.

Toss anything that you absolutely know.

Toss old essays and writing assignments.

Keep quizzes and tests before the final exam.

Keep papers that sincerely bring you joy..

Should I keep old report cards?

Report cards and standardized test scores. Sure, they’re not the only measure of success, but it’s a good practice to hold on to them over the course of your child’s primary and secondary education for comparison.

Can metal spiral notebooks be recycled?

The metal from spiral bound notebooks can be recycled with other household metal, but you will have to take it to a recycling center rather than recycling it curbside. You can also try to repurpose it in the shop or garden. The plastic from a spiral bound notebook will need to be thrown away.

Are Moleskine notebooks recyclable?

Are Moleskin notebooks recyclable? The pages of Moleskin notebooks are recyclabe the covers are not, as they are made from synthetic materials. From the Moleskin FAQ page: Most of the covers in our collections are made from synthetic material.

Do you throw away old notebooks?

The paper inside of your notebook has to be recycled separately, whether you’re disposing of spiral bound or hardcover journals. You can then throw it all into the curbside bin.

What can I do with all my notebooks?

15 Creative Uses for Your Empty NotebooksUse it as a plain old diary. I hope I’m not turning you off the idea of journaling by calling it a “plain old diary”. … Take notes from your learning. … Record your dreams. … Write down your routines. … Use it as a planner. … Use it for your blog. … Use it as a catch-all notebook. … Learn a language.More items…•

Can spiral notebooks be shredded?

Professional shredding services generally have industrial strength on-board shredding mechanisms, most of which are equipped to accommodate the small amount of metal in spiral notebooks. … It could save you countless hours of time removing metal spirals from notebooks before they are shredded.

Should you keep old college work?

You don’t need to keep all your papers and projects that you’ve completed over the course of four years, but keep some. Keep the ones that you’re proud of, that you feel you accomplished from. They’re good reminders of your time in academia and can even serve as a pick-me-up when something gets you down.

What can I do with half used spiral notebooks?

Either right where the holes are, or cut at the margin and leave a stub. That will keep the spirals from getting deformed. Then either keep the notebooks for future classes, or find someone still in school, or has kids in school, and give it to them so they can use it for note-taking.

Should I throw out old journals?

Don’t throw out your journals—they are tiny pieces of you. They are the raw materials for whatever autobiography you may want to write later. … For years, I clung to my journals without understanding why, but in the end, it felt much better to throw them away entirely.