Quick Answer: What Is NC In Accounting?

What does NC stand for in accounting?

NCNorth Carolina Regional » States — and more…Rate it:NCNo Credit Business » AccountingRate it:NCNorthern California Regional » StatesRate it:NCNo Change Medical » Physiology — and more…Rate it:NCNot Clear Governmental » TransportationRate it:20 more rows.

What is full form NC?

P.C. 5) What is a Non cognizable offence ? Ans : Non cognizable offence means in which a police officer has no authority to arrest without warrant. 6) How do I lodge a NC complaint ? Ans : Information about such offences is to be given in a similar manner as explained under F.I.R..

What does NC stand for in food?

NC stands for Nutrition Consultant (aka Nutritional Consultant) Suggest new definition. This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

What does NC mean in English?

state of North CarolinaMeaning of NC in English NC. written abbreviation for the U.S. state of North Carolina: used in addresses.

What is E in accounting?

E-accounting (or online accounting) is the application of online and Internet technologies to the business accounting function. … E-accounting does not have a standard definition, but merely refers to the changes in accounting due to computing and networking technologies.

What is NC short for?

AcronymDefinitionNCNorth Carolina (US postal abbreviation)NCNetwork ComputerNCNew Castle (Indiana)NCNetwork(ed) Computer152 more rows

What does BR stand for in accounting?

bank reconciliation statementA bank reconciliation statement is a summary of banking and business activity that reconciles an entity’s bank account with its financial records.

What are the 5 basic accounting principles?

These five basic principles form the foundation of modern accounting practices.The Revenue Principle. Image via Flickr by LendingMemo. … The Expense Principle. … The Matching Principle. … The Cost Principle. … The Objectivity Principle.

What are the 2 kinds of bookkeeping?

There are two types of bookkeeping systems used in recording business transactions: single-entry bookkeeping system and double-entry bookkeeping system.Single-Entry Bookkeeping System. … Double-Entry Bookkeeping System.