Quick Answer: What Is The Correct Order Of Blood Draw Tubes?

What does order of draw mean?

or·der of draw (ōr’dĕr draw) Recommended sequence in which blood specimens should be drawn so as to minimize interference in testing caused by carryover of additives in tubes..

What blood tube colors are for which test?

The tests each bottle is used for are the same: the purple one is for cell count, the yellow one is for electrolytes, albumin and LDH, the grey one is for glucose, and blood culture bottles can be used for fluid cultures.

Does order of draw matter?

The order of draw is recommended for both glass and plastic venous collections tubes when drawing multiple specimens for medical laboratory testing during a single venipuncture. The purpose is to avoid possible test result error due to additive carryover. All additive tubes should be filled to their stated volumes.

What safety precautions must be taken when performing a blood draw?

PROTECT YOURSELFPractice universal precautions: Wear gloves and a lab coat or gown when handling blood/body fluids. … Dispose of needles immediately upon removal from the patient’s vein. … Clean up any blood spills with a disinfectant such as freshly made 10% bleach.If you stick yourself with a contaminated needle:

What is the standard order of draw?

The correct order of draw follows:Blood culture tube or bottle.Sodium citrate tube (eg, blue closure)Serum tubes, including those with clot activator and gels (eg, red, red-speckled, gold closures)Heparin tube with or without gel (eg, dark green, light green, speckled green closures)More items…•

What is the order of draw and why is it important?

Order of draw is essential in avoiding cross contamination from additives of one tube to the next. Cross contamination, depending on the tests ordered, could cause seriously erroneous results, improper patient treatment and possibly death. While most blood collections (straight venipuncture vs.

What qualities make a good phlebotomist?

5 Qualities of a PhlebotomistCompassion. A Phlebotomist’s primary duty is drawing blood. … Detail oriented. Phlebotomists must draw the correct vials of blood for the tests ordered, track vials of blood, and enter data into a database. … Hand–eye coordination. … Ability to Multitask. … Team Player.

When drawing blood cultures which bottle goes first?

The aerobic bottle should be inoculated first as there is about 0.5 cc of air in the line of the collection set and sometimes it is difficult to obtain 8-10 cc of blood per bottle (15-20 cc/set). The aerobic bottle is the more critical one to inoculate short samples into.

What is the order of draw for phlebotomist?

The recommended order is as follows: Blood culture tubes. Sodium citrate tubes (e.g., blue-stopper) Serum tubes with or without clot activator, with or without gel separator (e.g., red-, gold-, speckled-stopper)

What are the 3 main veins to draw blood?

This area contains the three vessels primarily used by the phlebotomist to obtain venous blood specimens: the median cubital, the cephalic and the basilic veins. Although the veins located in the antecubital area should be considered first for vein selection, there are alternate sites available for venipuncture.

What is the order of draw by tube color?

Standard order of draw: BLOOD CULTURES, royal blue, red, light blue, SST (Gold), green, tan, yellow, pink, pearl, lavender. If a coag tube (light blue) is the only tube or the first tube to be drawn, a 5 mL discard tube must be drawn first.

Why is the order of blood draw important?

To avoid cross-contamination of additives between tubes, blood must be drawn in a specific order. The procedure is the same for all types of tubes being used. It is vital that the order of draw is followed not only to avoid contamination, but also to make sure that the test results are accurate.

How do you remember the order of draw?

Order Of Draw AcronymBoys – Blood Culture.Love – Light Blue.Ravishing – Red.Girls – Gold.Like – Light Green.Dieters – Dark green.Love – Lavender.Greek – Gray.More items…

How long is a CBC specimen good for?

For CBC, samples could reliably be stored for 24 h. For longer storage, refrigeration (at 4 °C) would be a better choice.

What color tube is used for syphilis?

SYPHILIS SCREEN WITH CONFIRMATIONORDERING INFORMATION:Preferred collection container:3.5 mL gold-top (serum separator) tubeSpecimen required:One full 3.5 mL gold-top serum separator tube (preferred).SPECIMEN PROCESSING16 more rows•Nov 13, 2018

What blood test is needed for ice?

Minimum Blood Amounts RequiredTESTCOLOR OF TUBEMINIMUMCalcium, Ionized, Whole Bloodheparinized syringe1 cc- no ice to Stat labWhole Blood Panel with Blood Gas Panel pH pO2 pCO2 Sodium Potassium Chloride Calcium, Ionized Glucose HematocritContact Blood Gas Lab9 more rows

What happens if the proper order of draw is not followed?

In the era of lyophilized anticoagulants, order of draw is no longer important. Contamination of serum samples with K EDTA will occur routinely if order of draw is not followed. During syringe collections, contamination with K EDTA may rarely occur if order of draw is not followed.