Quick Answer: What Is The Qualification For PNP?

What is napolcom exam for?

The NAPOLCOM Computer-Assisted Examination (CAEx) for the PNP Entrance Examination is open to all Filipino citizens who meet the age and educational requirements, as well as to Police Officers I (PO1) whose appointments are temporary for lack of appropriate eligibility..

What is promotion in PNP?

(2ND CYCLE) Promotion is an advancement of uniformed personnel from one rank/position to another with an increase in duties and responsibilities and usually accompanied by an increase in salary.

How many hours is napolcom exam?

The 3-hour October 2019 NAPOLCOM Entrance Examination will cover the following subject areas. The exams will be in an objective-type/multiple-choice format.

What is the passing score for napolcom exam?

70%All examinees whether entrance or promotional exams must obtain a passing score of at least 70%.

What is an age waiver?

GED Age Waiver. Individuals must be at least 19 years of age and not currently enrolled in high school in order to take the GED. Individuals who are 17 or 18 must receive an age waiver from the State of Minnesota before testing. Individuals under the age of 17 are not eligible to take the GED.

How much is the salary of Philippine National Police?

Philippine National Police SalariesJob TitleSalaryPolice Officer I salaries – 3 salaries reported14,840/moPolice Officer salaries – 3 salaries reported18,000/moPolice Officer II salaries – 3 salaries reported17,000/moPolice Officer III salaries – 2 salaries reported23,333/mo11 more rows•Feb 1, 2020

How many deputies do the PNP has?

two DeputiesThe PNP Command Group is headed by the Chief PNP who is vested with the power to command and direct the PNP. He is also assisted by two Deputies assigned to the administration of the PNP and one for operations side.

What are the new ranks of PNP?

Under the new law, the PNP rank classification will still be distinct because the ranks will be preceded by the word “Police” as follows: Director-General to Police General; Deputy Director-General to Police Lieutenant General; Director to Police Major General; Chief Superintendent to Police Brigadier General; Senior …

What is lateral entry in PNP?

Lateral Entry – is a provision of law that allows the appointment of Police Commissioned Officers (PCOs) to fill-up the vacancies for line and technical service positions in the PNP.

How do I get a height waiver for PNP?

Submits letter of application and complete requirements to the office of Secretariat, Height Waiver Committee (HWC).Pays the Legal Fee of P100 to collection officer.Submits to height measurement.Wait for the interview notification from the agency thru text or call.Submits to interview to HWC – composed of Asst.More items…•

What is time in grade in PNP?

Table of Organization (TO) Positions — refer to positions requiring a particular rank as required by the latest PNP staffing pattern; ii. Time-in-Grade (TIG) — refers to the minimum period required before a third level PCO becomes eligible to be promoted to the next higher rank; jj.

What is special promotion?

Special promotions are tailor-made marketing initiatives addressed to a very important target for large-scale retail channels: the target “Families With Kids” (FWK).

How can I pass napolcom exam?

NAPOLCOM/PNP Entrance Examination TipsBegin your preparation early. … Always be updated with the current events. … Locate the place of the examination. … Relax the night before the test. … Get up early on the day of examination. … Eat your breakfast. … Leave excess paraphernalia at home. … Dress properly and comfortably.More items…•

How much is the salary of Pnpa cadet?

Cadets are receiving monthly pay and allowances amounting to Php 35,000.00 which is equivalent of a salary of an SPO4 or Police Executive Master Sergeant (PEMS).

What are the basic qualifications of members of PNP?

Those who wish to join the PNP should meet the following requirements:A citizen of the Philippines.A person of good moral character;Must have passed the psychiatric/psychological, drug and physical tests to be administered by the PNP.Must possess a formal baccalaureate degree from a recognized learning institution.More items…•

How long is the training for PNP?

Recruitment and training The new recruits will undergo Public Safety Basic Recruit Course for six months, and a Field Training Program for another six months.