Quick Answer: Which Personnel Identifies Jobs For Advertisement In The Career Management System

What form is submitted to SSA upon a name change?


Additional Name Change Requirement.

If not provided as evidence for a name change, member shall complete and submit SSA-7008 Request for Correction of Earning Record to the Social Security Administration to ensure proper recording of reference (b) credit deductions..

What program offers career designation incentives?

The STAR Program offers career designation to first-term enlisted members who enlist or reenlist and are eligible for a variety of career incentives.

When a sailor accepts a split tour he must complete what total number of months?

24 monthsExcept as indicated below, members may request split tour reassignments effective at any time after they have served 24 months at the same activity, and provided at least 24 months remain on their current sea or shore tour, or continental United States (CONUS) or outside continental United States (OCONUS) tour.

What total number of extensions are authorized per enlistment?

As such, extensions must be executed in monthly increments of 1 to 23 months, with the exception of personnel who sign extension agreements during their initial recruit enlistment contracts. Unconditional extensions are not authorized and Sailors are only eligible to execute a maximum of two extensions per enlistment.

What is the difference between reenlistment and extension?

re-enlisting often comes with benefits and options as it is a brand new contract between you and the branch whereas extension is simply extending the term of current contract. Additionally, the branches usually have certain terms for extension and they can only be used “x” amount of times for “x” reason.

Whats the earliest you can reenlist?

First-term Airmen wishing to re-enlist must be within 12 months of their date of separation and have an approved career job reservation. Career Airmen, those already signed on for a second term, must be within 90 days of their expiration term of service. The re-enlistment process consists of three parts.

What total number of years must you remain on active duty after selection to limited duty officer?

4 yearsActive Duty selectees must agree to remain on active duty for a total of 4 years from the date of acceptance of appointment and may be required to transfer from current duty location. Selectees under the inactive duty program must continue serving in the Ready Reserve until the appointment is tendered.

What field codes are provided to the selection board?

Remember, documents identified by Field Codes 30 through 38 are provided to the Selection Board. (See the list of OMPF documents that you should verify beginning on page 6 of this document.)

What program offers career designation incentives and school assignments to first term members who reenlist?

Purpose. The STAR program offers career designation to first term enlisted members who enlist or reenlist and thereby become eligible for the following career incentives: a.

What is detachment for cause quizlet?

What is detachment for Cause? Administrative removal due to unsatisfactory performance or misconduct.

How is Navy reenlistment bonus calculated?

The Navy’s Selective Reenlistment Bonus is calculated by multiplying your basic pay (times) number of SRB eligible months reenlisting for (divided by 12) then multiplied by the SRB award level for your zone.

When a sailor’s family member is identified as having a chronic medical condition he should enroll his family in what program?

Exceptional Family Member Programa. When a Sailor’s family member is identified as having a chronic medical, mental health, or special education need, the Sailor will enroll the family member in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). Chronic conditions for EFMP purposes are those conditions expected to last 6 months or longer.