What Is A Sac Investigation From OPM?

What shows up on a Naci background check?

The National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) consists of checks of: The Office of Personnel Management’s Security/Suitability Investigations Index (SII).

Defense Clearance and Investigations Index (DCII).

Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal History Check (based on fingerprints and name)..

What does SAC mean in Jpas?

Security/Suitability Investigations IndexElectronic fingerprints should be submitted at the same time or just before an investigation request is released to DCSA in JPAS. You can confirm NBIB has processed the fingerprints by checking the Security/Suitability Investigations Index (SII) in JPAS which indicates a “SAC” closed.

What is a sac background check?

A SAC (Special Agreement Check) is where an individual’s fingerprints are electronically submitted to OPM by an agency to run a criminal history check. …

What disqualifies you from public trust clearance?

Conditions that could raise a security concern and may be disqualifying include: Sexual behavior of a criminal nature, whether or not the individual has been prosecuted; … Sexual behavior of a public nature and/or which reflects lack of discretion or judgment.

What are the 5 levels of security clearance?

National Security Clearances are a hierarchy of five levels, depending on the classification of materials that can be accessed—Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS), Counter-Terrorist Check (CTC), Enhanced Baseline Standard (EBS), Security Check (SC) and Developed Vetting (DV).

Is Naci a security clearance?

Security Clearance 101: The Lowest Level of Security Clearance Needed for Overseas Contractors. A National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) is a background investigation primarily for government employees who will not have access to classified information.

What does sac from OPM mean?

Special Agreement Checksa) Special Agreement Checks (SAC). These are checks of specific records which may be requested from OPM to obtain such information as FBI fingerprint checks on temporary contractors needing unescorted access to CNCS facilities, or credit checks on temporary employees who may have access to CNCS funds.

What is OPM investigation?

What is the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) and why does it conduct background investigations? … NBIB’s mission is to deliver efficient and effective background investigations to safeguard the integrity and trustworthiness of the Federal workforce.

How far back does a Naci go?

5 yearsThe NACI is good for 5 years and the elements include a completed National Agency Check where federal agencies databases are queried and a law enforcement check. Written correspondence is required to verify education, employment and character references.

How long does an eQip investigation take?

around 4-6 weeksAll of our investigations took around 4-6 weeks start to finish–eQip to final adjudication.

What does Naci look for?

The minimum investigation required for a Low Risk position is the National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI), which entails a National Agency Check, law enforcement check, records search, credit check, and written inquiries of pervious/current employers, education, residence, and references.

What can disqualify you from a background check?

What Can Disqualify You on a Background Check?You have a poor employment history. … You lied on your resume, or there are inconsistencies. … You have a criminal history. … You received bad references from previous employers. … You have a poor credit history. … You failed a drug or alcohol test. … You have a bad driving record. … You have questionable social media activity.More items…

How do I check the status of my background investigation?

If the agency has submitted an investigation request on you, you can check the status of your case by calling 724-794-5612, extension 7000.

What is a sac in FBI?

SAC – Special Agent in Charge (FBI) ASAC – Assistant Special Agent in Charge (FBI) SO – Sheriff’s Office. SPOL – State Police.

How long is a TS SCI clearance good for?

5 yearsHOW LONG ARE SECURITY CLEARANCES VALID? A Periodic Reinvestigation (PR) is required every 5 years for a TOP SECRET Clearance, 10 years for a SECRET Clearance or 15 years for a CONFIDENTIAL Clearance. However, civilian and military personnel of DOD can be randomly reinvestigated before they are due for a PR.