What Is The Best Example Of Dependable Employee Behavior?

What is a sentence for dependable?

(1) I find him very dependable.

(2) I need someone dependable to look after the children while I’m at work.

(3) She is loyal and totally dependable.

(4) He’s established himself as a dependable source of information..

How would you define a dependable employee?

A dependable employee not only shows up for work on time every day but also produces consistent work. Gradually, they become an essential team player in the company as they build a strong working relationship; not only with management but with their colleagues as well.

How do you show you are dependable?

Following are seven ways to show people you’re dependable.Do what you say you will do. If you make a commitment, live up to it. … Be timely. Showing up on time shows people you care. … Be responsive. When you’re dependable, you respond to requests. … Be organized. … Be accountable. … Follow up. … Be consistent.

How do you describe a loyal person?

Frequently Asked Questions About loyal Some common synonyms of loyal are constant, faithful, resolute, staunch, and steadfast. While all these words mean “firm in adherence to whatever one owes allegiance,” loyal implies a firm resistance to any temptation to desert or betray.

Is dependable a personality trait?

A healthy personality is relatively stable—cause and effect are reasonably dependable and consistent—in this sense, “reliable.” Reliability here denotes consistency, resilience, dynamic stability, minimizing and eliminating errors and adverse events, and a default homeostasis: pause, think, then act, review, and …

How would you describe someone who is dependable?

SYNONYMS FOR dependable trustworthy, trusty, trusted, steadfast, faithful, responsible.

How do you demonstrate reliability in the workplace?

Teamwork: Being ReliableMeet Deadlines. Team members have individual tasks or assignments that they need to do on their own. … Be On Time. Being on time is an easy way to demonstrate reliability. … Be Consistent. In order for a car to be considered “reliable” the car must be consistent or run the same way all of the time. … Follow Through.

What is another word for loyalty?

Some common synonyms of loyalty are allegiance, devotion, fealty, fidelity, and piety.

What makes a successful employee?

The very best employees possess three things: (1) They are competent – they know what they are doing, they have skills, experience, and know-how; (2) they are conscientious – they do high quality work, they take care to make sure that work is completed on time and on point; and, (3) they possess common sense – they get …

Is it good to be dependable?

One of the most important of these traits is dependability – being reliable so that people can count on you. This is true for the owner or manager and every employee. Each person in a company depends on others to do their jobs well and on time so they can then complete their jobs well and on time.

What are the qualities of a reliable person?

9 Traits of Trustworthy PeopleThey are authentic.They are consistent.They have integrity.They are compassionate.They are kind.They are resourceful.They are connectors.They are humble.More items…•

What is another word for dependability?

What is another word for dependability?reliabilitytrustworthinesssoliditydependablenesssolidnesssurenessresponsibilitysoundnesssteadinessloyalty51 more rows

What does dependability mean to you?

Dependability is defined as the quality of being able to be counted on or relied upon. When you always do everything that you say you will and never make promises you cannot keep, this is an example of dependability.

What are 5 characteristics of a good employee?

What Are the Qualities of a Good Employee?Leadership Skills. … Organizational Skills. … Excellent Written and Verbal Communication. … Intelligence. … Active Listening Skills. … Honesty, Ambition and a Strong Work Ethic.

What are 2 characteristics of a dependable person?

Dependability—A trustworthy person is dependable. They honor their commitments by being reliable. If they say they are going to do something, they do it. A dependable person builds trust by holding him/herself accountable, and if they lead others, holding their team members accountable as well.

What is an example of reliable?

The definition of reliable is dependable or capable of being trusted. An example of reliable is a punctual mail carrier. Suitable or fit to be relied on; worthy of dependence or reliance; trustworthy. A reliable witness to the truth of the miracles.

What are some examples of dependability?

There are many examples of dependability in the workplace.Being On Time. Being on time seems like it should go without saying. … Respects and Meets Deadlines. Dependable employees respect deadlines, and make every effort to meet them. … Detail Oriented and Takes Initiative. … Supports Peers and is Loyal.

What is dependability in leadership?

Merriam-Webster defines dependability as, “Capable of being depended on; reliable.” Dependability means that a leader can be relied upon not only to perform one’s duties in a proper manner and with integrity, but in so doing building the trust and accountability that result. …