What Is The Main Function Of Rural Settlement?

What is rural and urban settlement?

An urban settlement is an area with a high population density and large size, where the people are occupied in non-agricultural industries.

On the other hand, a rural settlement has a lower population density and size, and the inhabitants are engaged in agricultural production..

What is rural settlement patterns?

Rural settlement patterns refer to the shape of the settlement boundaries, which often involve an interaction with the surrounding landscape features. The most common patterns are linear, rectangular, circular or semi-circular, and triangular.

What are the functions of rural settlement?

0. FUNCTIONS OF RURAL SETTLEMENTS: The people living in the rural areas all over the world are engaged and dependent on various primary occupations, viz, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and mining. Out of these, agriculture is the most important occupation.

What is a settlement pattern?

A settlement pattern is the distribution of human activities across the landscape and the spatial relationship between these activities and … Access to the complete content on Oxford Reference requires a subscription or purchase.

What are the 4 types of rural settlements?

Four Types of Rural Settlement in India are (i) compact, settlements (ii) semi-compact settlements, (iii) hamleted and (iv) dispersed or scattered type settlements!

What are the characteristics of rural settlements?

Size of the Community: The village communities are smaller in area than the urban communities. … Density of Population: … The primacy of Agriculture: … Close Contact with Nature. … Homogeneity of Population: … Social Stratification: … Social Interaction: … Social Solidarity: