Who Is The Inspector General In 2020?

Who is the HHS Inspector General 2020?

In January 2020, Christi Grimm became the Principal Deputy Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Inspector General (OIG)..

What is OIG in medical coding?

The Office of Inspector General (OIG): Fraud and Abuse When medical billing and coding professionals speak of the Office of Inspector General (OIG), it is usually in reference to a possible audit or a compliance program. Most likely it is also related to the Medicare and Medicaid programs or …

What is an IG report?

The Office of Inspector General investigates complaints or allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct by employees or contractors that involve or give rise to fraud, waste or abuse within the programs or operations of the FCC. … OIG Access to Documents and Individuals. Employee Rights and Warnings. Investigative Report.

Who does the inspector general report to?

The Inspector General, who is appointed by the President subject to Senate confirmation, reports to the Attorney General and Congress.

How many inspector generals are there in the US?

73 officesMisuse of agency funds or equipment is often revealed by OIG audits. There are currently 73 offices of US inspectors general, far more than the initial 12 offices created by the Inspector General Act of 1978.

Who did Steve Linick replace?

Steve LinickIn office September 30, 2013 – June 14, 2020 On leave: May 15, 2020 – June 14, 2020PresidentBarack Obama Donald TrumpPreceded byHarold Geisel (acting)Succeeded byStephen Akard (acting)12 more rows

Who is the inspector general of the State Department now?

Inspector General of the Department of StateInspector General of the United States Department of StateIncumbent Matthew Klimow Acting since August 31, 2020Reports toUnited States Secretary of StateInaugural holderRaymond C. MillerFormation19572 more rows

What authority does the inspector general have?

DHS Office of Inspector General investigators have statutory law enforcement authority, including the power to make arrests, execute warrants, and carry firearms. Investigators prepare a Report of Investigation (ROI) regarding the findings in each case.

Who is the head of the OIG?

Michael E. HorowitzMichael E. Horowitz was sworn in as the Inspector General of the Department of Justice (DOJ) on April 16, 2012, following his confirmation by the U.S. Senate.

Who appointed HHS inspector?

Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesInspector General of the United States Department of Health and Human ServicesSeat330 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, D.C. 20201AppointerThe President with Senate advice and consentTerm lengthNo fixed termWebsiteoig.hhs.gov5 more rows

How many inspectors general are there?

Now, keep in mind that this whole inspector general creation occurred in 1978 following the Watergate investigations, and there were 12 it was created at that time there are now 74 IDs across the government.

How does OIG investigate?

OIG initiates investigations based on information received from a variety of sources, including: OIG’s fraud, waste and abuse hotline; Departmental, GAO, and DOJ referrals; Congressional requests; and referrals from OSC regarding whistleblower disclosures.

What does HHS OIG stand for?

Office of Inspector GeneralWho We Are. Since its 1976 establishment, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) has been at the forefront of the Nation’s efforts to fight waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare, Medicaid and more than 100 other Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) programs.

What does the OIG monitor?

The OIG is acting in the people’s best interest to regulate and enforce violations of healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse. The HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) was created in 1976 and oversees more than 300 other HHS programs. The most common and well known are Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare, and CHIPs.